About Us

Property Claim Consulting was founded at the beginning of 2020.  The purpose of PCC is to distribute Public Adjusting to people that do not have access to it. Public Adjusting is a state licensed position that represents the Property Owners through the insurance claim process. The insurance company has someone representing their values – the insurance adjuster, PCC provides an adjuster to represent you and your property.

We are a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Owned company.

Our team is full of experts in the fields required to accurately assess, inspect, estimate, and negotiate your insurance loss. PCC’s goal is to stop unfair claims settlement practices, by focusing on the proficiency, education, and distribution of Public Adjusting Services.  Most people only file 2 to 3 claims in their life, and we want to ensure those experiences are fair, accurate, and stress free.


To ensure proper representation of claimants to take on the insurance companies on behalf of the claimant.


Justice and Compensation for all who have experienced a material loss.