Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we get asked, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

A public adjuster is a state licensed individual that is trained to represent property owners when filing a property claim.  They will file the claim, inspect/estimate the loss, and negotiate the best settlement.  Protecting you from unfair claims settlement practices.
We charge a 10% fee on the settlement.  A Public Adjuster has a fiduciary responsibility to “Protect Property Owners.” This responsibility means you will only ever owe your deductible, you will never pay our service out of pocket – We only get paid from the settlement.
The insurance claim process will be long, burdensome, and stressful.  However, we take on that burden for you so that you can continue your busy life without stress.  The only cost for you will be patience, as the insurance company will not willingly give up their profits.
You tell them, “Contact my Public Adjuster” – Then provide our phone: 706-955-6423 and email: claims@propertyclaimconsulting.com. They will always try to work around our service, even though you have chosen our representation.
Of course! It is your right to choose the contractor to work on your home. We will coordinate directly with them on the claim and provide updates as needed.
Often times, we can still help facilitate a successful claim settlement, even after a denial. We will inspect the property and determine whether or not the denial was justified.