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Property Claims are an extremely complex series of events. Claims require a vast knowledge of construction, insurance policies, applying coverage, and estimating damages. This is the backbone of ClaimBot, we have experience inspecting and estimating some of the largest storms in US history. We are not Public Adjusters, but we are Public Adjusting distributors. We are leveraging the expertise and power of a team, instead of having to rely on an individual! We are YOUR Claims Team!


The battlefield for property claims is Xactimate Estimating software. We are grand masters in this estimating platform. Xactimate is very detailed and the details are hidden inside the software. Often times insurance adjusters will include repairs that appear to be sufficient, but in the Xactimate software items are missing, coverage is being neglected, or construction norms are being ignored. Our team will ensure all construction items are included and all coverage is applied. This attention to detail and expertise is required in order to obtain an accurate settlement.


This is one of the most important aspects of settling an insurance claim. Too many property owners go through the claim process and just accept the insurance companies determination. The claim process is very similar to the evidence collecting and narrative building of going to trial. Who collects the best evidence and builds the best narrative wins the judgement. We utilize historical claim data, experience, and strategic partnerships to ensure we have leverage when coming to the negotiating table. Our team fighting on your behalf, motivated by our mission and having your best interest!


Claims Consulting is a new concept for us and for this industry. We believe there are some property claims that do not require the expertise of Public Adjusters. First, this is an opportunity to defend your own property, but with the backing of our insurance expertise. Second, less regulatory requirements (paperwork) will speed up the settlement process. Lastly, this will save our clients money by reducing our fee. Our goal is to reach an accurate and fair claims settlement in hours – Not days, weeks, or months!


Stress and difficulty are usually what comes to mind when thinking about filing an insurance claim. This is brought on by paperwork, back & forth communication, and overall uncertainty of the outcome. We are creating a FREE automation and workflow management platform for our contractor partners. Removing the burden of the claims process from both the contractor and homeowner. This is the “Bot” in ClaimBot. An open automation platform, even if you don’t utilize our Public Adjusting Service.

Big Data

The world we live is still about atoms, mostly. However, we have seen a new prioritization towards bits. Data and information are powerful tools to drive in objectivity and facts into the decision making process. Insurance claims are woefully devoid of facts, data, and objectivity – they too often rely on opinion. We plan on utilizing our data collection to ensure consistent and accurate claims settlements. Eventually, this data strategy will turn into an AI platform that will automate estimating and eventually entire insurance settlements.

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